Nail Art
A tumblr full of simple nail art tutorials. Send requests and i will happily make a tutorial for you (hopefully). Nail art is fun and can express your creativity, until it chips away. Have fun and enjoy. :)

Hello Kitty Manicure!

Super cute Hello Kitty tips. You can do this design on all your fingers or just the ring finger and thumb. You can paint your other nails white, pink or black. Have fun with it. :)

What you’ll need:
White nail polish (I used Rimmel - London Clouds)
Black Polish (I used a nail art polish from eBay)
Baby Pink Polish (Nail art polish)
Yellow Polish (Nail Art Polish)
Dotting Tool (You can use a bobby pin or toothpick) 

Paint a think white tip on your nails. You can use a nail art brush to do this or just the regular brush in your polish.
When this is dry you want to paint on the whiskers. I used the brush in my nail art polish but you can use a nail art brush, paintbrush or a toothpick.
Paint three small black lines on the side of the nail.
With the black polish you want to take your dotting tool and add two eyes. Hello Kitty’s eyes are slightly oval shaped.
With your dotting tool you also want to add a small yellow nose.
The bow can be done with a dotting tool, a nail art brush or a toothpick. Paint a small circle then add little triangles on either side for the bow.  

Sorry about the picture quality, its zoomed in, a lot!

Please leave me some requests! :) 

This crazy glittery nail polish is from the new OPI Muppets collection. I don’t usually buy OPI because it’s so expensive in Australia but it reminded me of the Debra Lippman Polish in Happy Birthday which I can’t find in Australia. This polish is called “Rainbow Connection”. It’s glitter in a clear polish but the glitter is really chunky. (pictured is only one coat). It also dries really really fast.  


I’m really sorry but there may not be many posts in the next few weeks seeing as I have exams. I really love this blog because teaching people nail art is really fun. I’ll be back soon! :))

A 30 day nail challenge for inspiration! 

Pokemon (Pokeball) Nails!


Okay, this design is incredibly simple! Seriously, 3 colours and it looks amazingly cool. 

What you’ll need:
I used my nail art polishes from eBay but you can take a red, black and white and a long nail art brush or paintbrush to do this. If you don’t have any brushes you can use a toothpick to create the black line and white dot.

For the actual Pokeball nail you want to paint the bottom half white and the top half red. The line where they meet doesn’t have to be neat.
When thats pretty much dry you can paint your black line across the middle.
Add a black dot in the centre of the line and top it with a white dot and your Pokeball nail is done.
You can do the Pokeball on all your nails or on the ring finger and thumb. Try painting red or black tips on your other nails or just paint them a solid colour. Its up to you!

Please leave me some requests in my ask! 

Coming up tutorials include, sailor moon nails, hello kitty nails, more Pokemon designs, superhero designs, cupcakes and butterflies. :))

Blue & Silver Glitter Manicure!


Super Simple Blue and silver glitter manicure. Stay tuned for Pokemon nails tomorrow! :)

What i used:

Essence multi dimension XXL shine nail polish - Fall for Me
Silver nail art polish from eBay 
Blue Glitter nail art polish form eBay
Sally Hansen Xtremewear - Invisible

Simply paint your nails in a light blue colour. I used 2 coats.
When it is dry paint on a silver french tip. I used 2 coats again. If your can’t paint a french tip, use a piece of sticky tape to mark out your line.
Apply a thin line of blue glitter under the silver tip.
Wait for it to dry and apply a top coat!

(Pokemon Nails Tomorrow!)
Also, please leave some requests. :)) 

Colour Changing Nail Polish!

I know this isn’t actually a tutorial but i can not get over this nail polish and i wanted to share it with you all! There are many different brands that make colour changing polish but this is the first i have tried. This one is by BYS and you can get it at K-Mart and Target. I really want to get my hands on some more of these. 
If you have REALLLLLLLLY long nails this will look fantastic. If you have any colour changing nail polishes PLEASE photo reply and show me because i think they’re great.

Again, please send me some requests so i can give you guys really cool designs. :)


Tribal Nails!


I will start off once again by apologising for the quality of the photo! :) Now I’ll say how incredibly easy this design is. 

What you’ll need:
Base Coat/Top Coat
Dotting Tool 
An assorment of coloured nail art polishes OR some tribal colours and a long nail art brush.

I used these ones:

    Black              Red               Brown            Green            Yellow            Blue

They’re off ebay. I searched “Nail Art Polishes”. They were around $12 for 24 of them and the set came with creams, glitters and metallics. Most of these are creams apart from the blue which is metallic.

The method is kind of up to you and there is no good way for me to explain in text. You can either go for it yourself and use my photo as inspiration or copy my photo. 
Just use an assortment of different colours and lines. Try putting dots in there too. Definitely throw in some zig-zag lines and just experiment with it! Have fun.

You can photo reply on this post so i would really LOVE to see your interpretations of this design.
Also, PLEASE request some designs in my ask box. I’m desperately lacking inspiration for designs.


Newspaper Nails! :)


What you’ll need:
Base Coat (Optional)
White Polish (Or any light coloured nail polish)
Top Coat
Rubbing Alcohol (Got to a chemist and i guarantee you will find some! Mine is a green bottle with a crocodile on it)

Apply your white nail polish to all your nails. (You can paint just your thumb and ring finger nails white and paint the others another colour, the design is up to you)
Make sure the white polish is completely dry before you move on.
Pour some rubbing alcohol into a small dish and rip up your newspaper. Quickly soak a piece of newspaper in the rubbing alcohol (don’t leave it in there too long or it will dissolve) and press onto your white nail polish. The ink will immediately transfer to the nail.
Apply a top coat so the ink doesn’t rub off. :)

This is incredibly easy and it looks great!  

Metallic Tiger Stripes.


So, I’m incredibly sick atm (that is why my bed is featured in this design) so this design is super simple. If you can’t tell i have a love for tiger print so i thought i would show you how I do tiger stripe nails. 

What you’ll need:
Base Coat (Optional)
Base Colour (I used ‘Silver’ from Rubi but you can use a white or any colour you like)
Stripe Colour (I used a black art polish off ebay)

Start out with your base coat if you are using one and then apply your base colour. 
Apply as many coats as you need to make is nice and opaque. When your base colour is dry you want to start on your stripes.
The stripes are essentially long triangles. I alternated from side to side with my triangles. The best way to get the triangles right is to draw a line from the side of your finger towards the centre of your nail. When you have this line you can fill it in and shape it to be a triangle.
Experiment on some paper or a nail wheel before hand if you think you’ll have trouble.

I’ll post a better tutorial soon. x 
(Sorry for my creepy eyes in the picture, haha)